These Beautiful Cards Celebrate Major Milestones For Preemie Babies

"Celebrating these precious moments helped me heal and gave me strength in a tough time."

While Amy Purling's son, James, was in the hospital after being born prematurely at 30 weeks, she celebrated every step forward he took in life. During February 2016, she documented his developmental milestones using photos and a journal so that she could keep her loved ones up to date, and have a space to save those memories. But it ended up being even more than a scrapbook for her. 

"Celebrating these precious moments helped me heal and gave me strength in a tough time," Purling wrote on her website. "Premature babies are unique, and their early entrance tells a special story, which you will struggle to remember at such an overwhelming time."

So, she decided to create products that could help. From finally being able to breathe on their own, to beating their first infection, her collection of cards feature a variety of milestones that no parent of a preemie takes for granted.  

Purling sells the cards on Miracle Mumma, a blog and online store she created to sell products for preemies and their families. 

"James came home from [the] hospital, and I started using a baby book to document his progress each month. I quickly realized his milestones weren't the same as a full-term baby, and he was reaching them at different ages. I wanted to document his corrected age, his weight gain, and the things that made his journey different." 

So, she also developed a scrapbook designed to document a premature baby's unique story.

"I love being there to support them every step of the way," Purling told ABC News. "[The cards] give parents of premature babies something to look forward to and offer a glimmer of hope at a time that is so uncertain and frightening. It helps them break down the overwhelming journey and simply focus on reaching the next step."

You can check out some of the milestone cards available below.



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