Watch Anti-Abortion Protestors Get Completely Shut Down By Pregnant Woman

She shines a light on the the ineffectiveness of guilt-tripping vulnerable women.

When an anti-abortion group called Abort67 stood outside an abortion clilnic in Great Britian filming and holding up grotesque signs as women walked by, a pregnant passerby had had enough. 

After listening to someone question the group for filming women who did not want to be filmed, she speaks up. Journalist Sunny Hundal captured her beravement of the protestors on film and shared it.

"It's wrong what you're doing. You don't know why people doing what they're doing," she starts to say. "You want to be out here judging and filming."

Those outside of the clinic stand silent and watch her.

Laborlist points out that unlike the U.S., Great Britain does not have protest perimeter laws to protect those walking into clinics from harrassment. And while those against abortion have the right to protest, the woman in this video calls their tactics into question.

"There's Kids Company around here, where I work, where there are thousands of kids that need your help," she says.

Watch the full interaction above.

(H/T: Metro)


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