Pregnant Woman On Bus Teaches Manspreader A Lesson In Courtesy

"I wonder what it’s like to live somewhere with a less 'Hunger Games' spirit on public transport."

For those who frequent mass transit, it's not uncommon to come upon people who feel entitled to occupy two or more seats. But, when Brydie Lee-Kennedy encountered a man who refused to remove his hand and bag from an otherwise empty seat on the bus, the 8-month pregnant mother-to-be claimed her rightful space by being assertive and unapologetic.

In one tweet, which has since been "liked" and retweeted more than 17.5K and 1.5K times respectively, the TV writer and story editor shared her response when faced with the possibility that she might have to stand for the entire ride.


Lee-Kennedy later amended her original tweet by comparing the encounter to The Hunger Games. Unfortunately, in many cases, the odds aren't in the mom-to-be's favor.

Lee-Kennedy's tweet quickly went viral, inspiring others to share their experiences of being pregnant on public transportation.

While many of Lee-Kennedy's followers believe manners should reign supreme, it's clear that there are countless people who don't feel obligated to offer their seat to those in need. When confronted with such disregard, take a stand — literally — and give up your seat to someone who could use the rest. After all, we should treat others as we'd like to be treated and, no matter the scenario, kindness always wins.

Cover image via hedgehog94 / Shutterstock


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