Mom Spoofs Popular Songs To Describe Her Pregnancy Journey In Hilarious Photo Series

"It's tearin' up my heart when I eat food / Even when I take Tums I feel it too."

Letter board quotes are popular props in pregnancy photo shoots because they can be used to communicate exactly how a parent-to-be is feeling. Mom Charlotte Chatman has put a musical twist on her letter board announcement for her fourth pregnancy.


She is spoofing popular songs to create lyrics about her pregnancy journey.

The mom from North Carolina is sharing the images on her Instagram, along with weekly updates as her due date approaches.

She explained to A Plus via email that the inspiration to spoof songs stemmed from a little car game. "My husband and I reword songs a lot in the car to make our kids laugh, and when you're nine months pregnant, pretty much every thought you have is about being pregnant, even when you're listening to the radio," she said. 

"I had no idea that so many other pregnant women would be able to relate to my sense of humor!"

She used her letter boards to transform such popular songs as Spice Girls "Wannabe" and NSYNC's "Tearin' Up My Heart" into catchy tunes about her pregnancy symptoms and impending due date. 

Most of her letter board photos include her kids, which is something they really enjoy. Chatman reveals that the photo shoots have been turned into a weekly craft project for the family. For the letter board series that documents the passing weeks and baby's growth, the kids measure things around the house to compare the baby's length. The mom told A Plus the family makes all of the props and costumes.

"They love getting to dress up with me, and I make sure we only take three shots on a self-timer so they don't get frustrated or bored," she revealed. "We started taking these pictures just as a way to get them excited about their brother, and it's been amazing how many people have enjoyed them and laughed along with us."

Scroll down to see some of the letter boards Chatman and her family have created during her pregnancy so far:

Given that Chatman is nine months pregnant, there likely won't be many more remixed song pregnancy letter boards for this baby. The experience and memories of coming up with the photos is something she will take away.

"Since having children, I've learned to be really flexible in general. I'll get an idea for a picture, but the kids will have another plan for it; so we just roll with what they want," the expectant mom stated. "At the end of every day, my photography is all about having fun together as a family and documenting our memories, and I'm never going to lose sight of that."

Chatman adds that the photos have been a great way to keep her family connected.

Her husband is a Navy pilot and they have always lived far away from their loved ones. "Pictures are how I've kept everyone connected to our growing family over the years," Chatman explained. "After four pregnancies, I've learned to have fun with the updates and get more creative to keep everyone excited."

"I hope when our fourth baby is born, he'll see these and know that we were all just as excited to welcome him into the world as we were when we had our first."

"Every child is just such a blessing," she concluded.

(H/T: Popsugar)


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