This Isn't Your Average Pregnancy Diary

It's called "The Mother Book."

Baby books make great keepsakes to give a child when they're older and serve as a theraputic way for moms to document their pregnancy progress as well — especially if they "grow" along with her. 

Japanese medical facility Kishokai Medical Corp, with help from ad agency Dentsu, collaborated to create a pregnancy book that does just that. Called the "Mother Book," the book serves as a diary for expecting moms to write whatever they want and see the evolution of their body. 

Yup, the book actually develops a baby belly of it's own as the pregnancy goes on. Some weeks have little tidbits about the fetus' status, too.

Ok, so it's not an app, but it's definitely interactive. Check out a preview of the Mother Book above.

(H/T: Design Taxi)


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