The Shocklee's Pregnancy Announcement Is Too Good Not To Watch Over And Over


Parents seem to try harder and harder to make their pregnancy announcements stand out these days. These viral announcement videos have been running amok on the Internet, and just when we thought we had had enough of them, the Shocklee family came along with this masterpiece: 


"Our Family's Growin" is done to the music of Meghan Trainor's hit "Lips are Movin." It's no surprise the family would choose to croon the announcement. 

Mom Beckah Shae is a professional singer/songwriter and collaborates with her husband Jack "Shoc" Shocklee, who also co-established Shae Shoc Records. The kids Grace, 8, and Joy, 6, are also musically-inclined, 'cuz genes. They sing on Scripture Snacks Kids CDs. 

According to, the lyrics of "Our Family's Growin" were written by mom and dad and the choreography was handled by the two little ones in back. It took the crew 18 takes in the car to get the song down.

"Around the 15th or 15th take, the girls had had enough," Jack told the news outlet. "But they ended up being really good sports and we all had a great time." 

It sure did pay off. The video has gone viral since being posted on Oct. 1, and already has over 500,000 views. We can't wait to see their family grow and continue to make amazing videos and music. 

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