These Prank Videos Show Some Of The Best Practical Jokes To Get Everyone Laughing

Our favorites have everyone laughing — even the target.

Gone are the days when you'd have to tune into Candid Camera to see practical jokes play out on screen. These days, YouTube is rife with pranksmom pranks, dad pranks, pranks for kids, pranks for April Fool's, celebrity pranks, and even pranks gone wrong.

Our favorite prank videos, though, have everyone laughing by the end, even the target. Celebrity jokesters such as Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher, and Jimmy Kimmel are masters at these good-hearted stunts, but other YouTube gems come from laypeople with a mischievous streak.


You high schoolers have to make sure your senior prank won't get you in trouble — just double-check to make sure the senior prank you're planning is legal! But check out the Class of 2012's craftiness at this school in Andover, Mass. The kids laid out around 11,000 cups in the atrium to spell out "2012," forcing the underclassmen to find alternate routes around the campus. Plus, the seniors even cleaned up after themselves.

Heaven help the first person to fall asleep at a slumber party — kids think up some wild and crazy pranks for sleepovers these days, as one YouTuber demonstrates. (Watch the pranks here!) Luckily, Sam has a sense of humor, but these may not be the kinds of pranks to pull on your friends.

Office pranks seem like an HR violation waiting to happen, but these employees spent all night walling off the hallway to nearly a dozen senior offices. (Check out their hijinks here.) We assume they kept their jobs, but who knows … 

Of all the evil pranks out there, this "Jurassic Carpark" one is a highlight. These guys got a realistic velociraptor costume and used it to startle their unsuspecting co-workers in the parking garage.

Speaking of scary pranks, we have to send a shout-out to Ellen DeGeneres, who has been freaking out her guests for years — including, recently, Sarah Paulson. Poor Sarah got ambushed three times in one appearance. (Watch her reactions here!)

Jimmy Kimmel has been getting parents to prank their kids in recent years, but the prankster becomes the pranked when neighbors John Krasinski and Emily Blunt engagee Jimmy Kimmel in a vicious prank war each year.

We'd say you could pull these pranks, too, but you'd probably need millions. Better stick to the cheaper ones in this list.


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