This Man Died — So How Is His Wife Still Receiving Gifts From Him?

Talk about everlasting love...

Shelly Golay's husband passed away in July, but that didn't stop him from sending her Valentine's Day flowers this year.


At first, Shelly thought the flowers had come from her kids, but when she called the flower shop it all became clear: Jim had arranged it himself before he died.

In the most romantic gesture a flower shop in Casper, WY has ever seen, Jim Golay pre-ordered Valentine's Day flowers to be delivered to his wife every year for the rest of her life. After being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, Jim wanted to make sure Shelly felt his love even if he wasn't alive to express it.

"It was true love. The fairytale romance, the knight in shining armor — you just don't find that," Shelly told KCWY 13. "And even though we didn't get the fairytale ending, it was amazing."

It sounds like they had a very special romance. And thanks to Jim's everlasting gift, that romance will live on. 

"Until the day I die I'll get Valentine's flowers on Valentines Day," Shelly said. "That's just a testament of his love all over again."


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