This Man Collects Secrets Submitted By Total Strangers From All Over The World

More than half a million people have already submitted their secrets.

"I started PostSecret because I was a bored suburban husband with a small business that was not inspiring or fun. Thank God for boring jobs!" Frank Warren exclaims.

Back in 2004, Warren came up with a crazy idea — he decided to collect secrets. But secrets are meant to be ... secret, aren't they? Well, Frank found a way to make it work.

He started by printing out 3,000 self-addressed postcards that were blank on one side and included some simple instructions on the other, asking to "anonymously share an artful secret" that no one knows of. Warren handed out these cards to random people in Washington, D.C., not really knowing what to expect. 

And then it happened — suddenly, Warren was flooded with postcards from people who wanted to get something off their chests. Messages from the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Iraq were clogging his mailbox.

"People began to buy and make their own postcards. Soon my crazy idea didn't seem so crazy," Warren says in his TED Talk.


"I loved you so much that when I miscarried, I told you I had an abortion so you could blame me instead of God."

"Sometimes I let it go to message on purpose. I can't bear the sadness in your voice. Come home safe."

Today, Warren holds a collection of more than half a million secrets that he shares on his website,

"Secrets can take many forms — they can be shocking, or silly, or soulful. They can connect us to our deepest humanity or with people we'll never meet," Warren says.

What started as a "crazy" idea more than 10 years ago has now spun into a beautiful and empowering global project that has actually helped people cope with their problems. In 2011, Warren was even awarded the HopeLine Lifetime Achievement Award for his work on suicide prevention.

"Later I realized that the real reason I started PostSecret was because I was keeping secrets from myself," Warren tells A Plus.

"In the end, I needed a safe place to unbury my past just like others were using to share their secrets," he says.

Check out some of the secrets from Warren's constantly growing collection and be sure to submit yours! 

"Grade 6 (1992). Shaun: 'Wanna dance?' Me: 'Yeah, Sure.' Shaun: 'I don't. Ha-ha Ha-ha.' "

"I am a firefighter. I am afraid the day might come when I'm not as brave as I am supposed to be."

"My biggest fear isn't being raped or killed. It's of me falling down the stairs."

"I'm mourning the loss of the person I was before having children. I will never be her again."

"A year after turning him in, I was still trying to talk myself out of love."

"Men who know their keyboard shortcuts turn me on!!"

"I don't 'friend' people on Facebook because I'm terrified of rejection."

"I believe that I will change the whole world one day. (I'm going to do it too!)"

"My boyfriend is deaf and when we have sex I scream my ex's name."

"Every time I see people having fun and laughing I get jealous. I wish I could feel that way again."

"I miss the time in my life where the only worry in my life was when the next Harry Potter book was coming out."

"Jail isn't anything like the movies."

"Every day I am asked to be a magician in a world where magic doesn't exist."

"Dear Birthmother — I have great parents. I've found love. I'm happy."


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