A Young Maine Woman Is Buying Coats And Leaving Them For The Needy To Find

This could make such a huge difference in the life of one person.

The winters in Portland, Maine, are searingly cold. The winds seem to cut right through you as they come off the black waters of the Atlantic, and woe be unto anyone caught without a coat as the temperatures drop into the single digits ... or lower.


But one Portland woman has taken it upon herself to make sure that those who need a coat will have one.

Gabby Kaper, a Portland nanny, purchased winter coats at a Goodwill and taped them to lamp posts with handwritten signs saying "I am not lost! Please take me if you need me."

Her acts of kindness might have gone unsung, were it not for a keen-eyed journalist.

Grady Thimble, a journalist for Portland's WCSH 6 and Bangor's WLBZ 2,  noticed a couple of the coats in Downtown Portland and traced them back to Kaper, who is studying elementary education at Husson University. 

According to WCSH 6, Kaper bought the coats for $1 each. Just one dollar to make a huge difference — perhaps the difference between life and death — in one person's life. 

"Every single one of us can make a difference ..." Kaper wrote on Facebook. "I hope everyone tries this, it's inexpensive and can mean the world to someone."

What can you do this winter to make the world a little warmer for someone in need? We hope you'll consider donating to a coat drive or similarly helping the less fortunate this year — every act counts. 

(H/T: DowzerW and KIROTV.com

Cover photos via Grady Thimble / Facebook and Gabby Kaper / Facebook


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