Their Flight Got Delayed, So This Barbershop Quartet Put One Heck Of A Performance

These guys can boogie.

Ok. So let's just agree on the fact that unless you are flying first class and are either sipping bubbly or chitchatting with a beautiful stranger, planes pretty much suck. Babies crying, a whole bunch of people snoring, everyone is packed in like sardines. Doesn't sound like heaven on earth, now, does it? 

And there are also flight delays, the greatest evil of them all. However, this video uploaded to Youtube by a flight attendant might make you think twice before claiming you actually hate flight delays.

Earlier this month a flight to New Orleans got delayed after all passengers had gotten on board already. Soon enough the cabin crew realized that there was a barbershop quartet on board and asked them to sing. Their performance has to be one of the coolest things to ever happen on a plane.

After seeing this, we are almost wishing our next flight gets delayed. 



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