24 Awesome Experiences You Probably Didn't Know About In The World's Greatest Cities

You can take a tour of the Louvre with a comedian.

Being a tourist can be exhausting — you arrive in a city you've never been, you're overloaded with too much luggage, and feel overwhelmed by all that there is to do. Sometimes the best place to start, however, is to simply look at what others are doing most.  

To get an idea of what this is, we looked at data collected by Airbnb Experiences showing which activities are most popular in some of the world's greatest cities. We found there are all kinds of unique experiences to be had all over world, from taking a surfing class in Sydney, to cooking with a local host in her home in Bangkok, to taking a tour of the Louvre with a comedian.  Based on this insight, it's evident "that food and cooking activities are consistently popular among top markets, but that Airbnb guests don't shy away from sports, music and arts-oriented excursions, either," according to an Airbnb press release.  

So whether you're into sports, food, music, adventure, or the arts (or all of it), check out all the top booked Experiences by market, as of early May 2017: 


1. Barcelona: Indulge in local tapas and cava (sparkling wine) with foodies.

To experience this, try Tapalicious

2. Los Angeles: Hike up to the Hollywood sign for amazing views of the city.

The Hollywood sign hike is always a favorite. 

3. Paris: Have a comedian give you a tour of the Louvre.

Laugh your way through the Louvre.  

4. Florence: Learn how to make authentic Italian food by taking a cooking class in the Chianti Hills.

5. San Francisco: Put your headphones on for a silent disco while doing yoga in the sunset.

6. Rome: Enjoy a small family-owned vineyard in Italy for a wine-tasting experience to remember.

Check out a family-owned vineyard. 

7. Seoul: Sign up for a homestyle Seoul cooking class.

Sign up for this cooking class solo, with friends, family, or an S.O. 

8. Harlem: Tour Harlem and its graffiti while learning about the history of the art.

Try the Experience called If These Walls Could Talk.  

9. Tokyo: Try a cooking class in Tokyo, and maybe even learn how to make sushi.

A cooking class in Tokyo would be so fun. 

10. Havana: Tour a privately-run restaurant, meet its owner, and enjoy Cuban food and drinks.

11. Sydney: Take a surfing class in Sydney, and then check out a beachside restaurant.

To do this, try The Cuban Paladar Insider.  

12. London: Learn to "create a custom pill box hat over high tea."

For classes and food, try Bondi Surf and Turf.  

13. Osaka: Enjoy handmade Udon and soup.

The best place to learn to make udon is in Osaka. 

14. Seattle: Explore Seattle's food scene and enjoy nine courses and three artfully paired beverages from three unique pacific northwest eateries.

15. Bangkok: Cook a meal with your host Tatiya, who will show you how the locals eat.

Try this with Progressive Dinner.  

Sign up for Thai Delight to try this unique Experience. 

16. Miami: Explore Little Havana's culture while enjoying local food and drink.

17. Detroit: Spend two days experiencing Detroit's nightlife like a rockstar.

To do this, sign up for Motor City Rocks.  

18. Cape Town: Meet with your host at her studio space before learning to craft traditional shweshwe fabric jewelry pieces.

19. Toronto: Explore Toronto's historic distillery district and head to a sake brewery.

Try out Movers and Makers to try this out. 

Try Sake A to Z to get a taste. 

20. Provence: Take a guided three hour electric bike tour of Marseille National Park.

Try this with Ebike Calanques Trilogy

21. Delhi: Learn about coffee culture before creating "unique blends using some quintessential Indian ingredients that you can carry home."

Try this through Coffee Culture. 

22. Portland: Taste a variety of Oregon wines from across the state.

23. Shanghai: Learn to make both the dough and the filling for your soup dumplings in Shanghai.

Sign up for Soup Dumpling Making.  

24. Singapore: Learn to grow your own crops and cook up a delicious meal with One Kind House.

One Kind House is "the only 21st Century kampung that's an urban farm, cooking school, incubator, art gallery, maker space, and community center."


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