Twitter Users Are Sharing What Popular Dating Profile Descriptions 'Really' Mean

"'Loves camping:' Hasn’t been camping in 7.5 years."

A lot of modern dating involves technology, scrolling through countless profiles on dating apps, and deciphering what things mean online, particularly what people are really saying in their tag lines and descriptions. Because most of us know what's written in those teeny tiny descriptions often can't be taken at face value. We sometimes have to look for the deeper meaning to get to the truth.

Hysteria host and Daily Beast journalist, Erin Ryan, recently took to Twitter to decode a "dating profile-ese" term into what it actually means.


Other users were inspired by Ryan's tweet, and begin sharing their own interpretations of popular dating profile descriptions:

Some people are commenting about how much they relate to the "translations."

Others are asking about obtuse dating terms they're unsure about:

Considering that approximately 1 in 5 relationships begin online, and it's estimated that by 2040, 70 percent of people will have met their significant other online, speaking fluent "dating profile-ese" is important for navigating online dating.

That said, perhaps we should all be giving each other the benefit of the doubt as it's so hard to get your true self across in just a few sentences. If we were all more willing to give each other a chance, perhaps even more successful relationships would result from dating apps. 

Cover image via  Ditty_about_summer I Shutterstock


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