The Internet Is Having Way Too Much Fun With This Picture That Makes The Pope Look Like He's Rapping

"Psalms are sweaty, knees weak, cross is heavy."

Just when you thought church was getting boring, Pope Francis comes out to prove he's one of the baddest rappers in the game. Well, with a little help from the Internet, anyway.

Someone snapped a picture of the Pope addressing a crowd on a microphone, but it really looked like he was in the middle of an epic freestyle.


So, the Internet did what the Internet does and totally ran with it. #PopeBars has some of the greatest Catholic-inspired rap lyrics that the world has ever seen.

Star of the Broadway smash-hit Hamilton and freestyle prodigy Lin-Manuel Miranda kicked things off, and it wasn't long before Talib Kweli and other lyrical geniuses got in on the action.

Though not everyone is enjoying the pope's newfound success.

Sadly, the official @Pontifex account is silent on the issue. 

(H/T: The Friendly Atheist)


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