This Scratch-Off Chart of 100 'Essential' Novels Is The Coolest Way To Accomplish Your Reading Goals

Gotta scratch 'em all.

If you’ve yet to finish — or even start — your summer reading list, this scratch-off chart of “100 Essential Novels” might be just the unexpected incentive you need.


Pop Chart Lab

Literature lovers will feel like they've won the lottery every time they scratch off a title on this novel creation from Pop Chart Lab, a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company that transforms cultural data into dynamic infographics.  

Though many scholars credit Samuel Richardson with "inventing" the novel in 1740, this chart's reading range goes all the way back to 1605. 

By creating the literary equivalent of a "Top 100 Hits List," Pop Chart Lab has compressed more than 400 years of history into a bookish who’s who.

The chart features works from classic heavy-hitters like Jane Austen, George Orwell, and Harper Lee, just to name drop a few. 

Pop Chart Lab 

Not only does the chart help bookworms keep track of their reading goals, but each novel is represented by an "evocative, hand-drawn cover design," which, when scratched off, reveals a hidden, narrative-specific design detail. 

For those who enjoy craft libations along with (or perhaps more than) their classic literature, Pop Chart Lab has a scratch-off poster for that, too. Titled "99 Bottles of Craft Beers On The Wall," it's a veritable bucket list of brewskies. 

Following the successful creation of these two charts, Pop Chart Lab plans to expand its future selection. Galvin Chow, the company's Digital Media Commander, told A Plus they hope to debut a scratch-off chart of films early next year. 


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