5 Politicians (That Aren't Donald Trump) You Should Follow On Twitter

Sometimes, politicians are better on the Internet.

In the era of President Donald Trump, it can sometimes feel like a one man social media show. 

But Trump isn't the only one to use the power of Twitter to get his message out. In fact, there are a number of funny, balanced and well-intentioned politicians who use Twitter to engage their constituents. 

While many Americans are trying to keep up with the news in this era of politics, in can be easier to get the news straight from politicians — many of whom are more candid on social media than they might be on television or the Senate floor.

Below, we've pulled together five of those candidates from both sides of the aisle that are worth a follow.


1. Ben Sasse

Ben Sasse is a U.S. Senator from Nebraska who is now well-known for his Twitter use. He's frequently telling funny, benign stories about his day-to-day on his personal account. If he isn't doing that, he's probably in the weeds arguing with a constituent about policy or trying to win over some liberals with charm. 

If you're left-leaning, Sasse is a reasonable and principled voice of opposition who isn't afraid to break from party norms or speak critically of his colleagues (and the president). If you're a conservative, he's a worthwhile follow to learn more about the current state of traditional conservatism. 

You can follow Sasse here.

2. Bernie Sanders

By now, you probably know Bernie Sanders. What you might not know is that — much like Trump — his populist movement was aided by an active social media presence. Despite running for president as a Democrat, Sanders is actually an independent — which means people on both sides end up being the target of his praise and ire.

The Vermont Senator frequently uses his personal account to take barbs at colleagues from both sides, and he's not afraid to go after the most powerful man in the world.

Of course, Sanders — to many — is a radical far-left voice in the political world. But there's no doubt he treats Republicans and Democrats with equal ire when he sees them as wrong, and few can deny he is more candid about his views than most. 

You can follow Sanders here

3. Chuck Grassley

When you think of an 83-year-old man from Iowa, you probably don't imagine a social media wizard. But Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has reason to be proud of his Twitter game.

While some Republicans and Democrats use Twitter to talk to their constituents, Grassley has made a name for himself for using Twitter to speak directly to the president, his staff and the government as a whole. Recently, he asked that the deal between President Obama and Australian officials to accept refugees be de-classified, but he didn't do it on the Senate floor or in a private meeting with President Trump. 

He did it on Twitter.

While Grassley might not have the following of Sanders or Sasse, his Twitter account is often times just as powerful.

You can follow Grassley here

4. Adam Schiff

Few politicians have been as outspoken about Russian interference, Donald Trump, and their Republican colleagues as Adam Schiff.

The California Representative serves on the House Intel Committee, which means he knows a lot about what's happening in the intelligence world. Despite being critical of President Trump,  Schiff has also shown he can give a thumbs up to the other side when they make decisions he agrees with. 

While Schiff might not have the star power of a guy like Sanders, he's a worthy follow if you want to be kept abreast about what's happening in the intelligence community and where new investigations might be going. 

You can follow Schiff here

5. Al Franken

If you're looking for an unbiased, balanced, or non-partisan Twitter account to follow — look somewhere else.

While Senator Franken might stick to party lines and be considered a hardline progressive, he's got more to him than just politics. The 65-year-old New York-born Minnesota Senator was a stand-up comedian, actor and writer before becoming a politician.

That background makes for some funny and witty tweets, even if you aren't a fan of his politics. 

You can follow Franken here

While all these politicians might not deliver the news or commentary you want to hear, it's worth considering that many Americans mostly get news from places that reinforce their beliefs. Finding new voices to guide your political ideology can be a productive and entertaining exercise. 

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