Politically Correct Christmas Carols Still Manage To Offend Everyone

Sung by one guy and his digital clones.

Jon Cozart's videos on YouTube as Paint have gotten him quite a following in the whopping nine years that he's been using the service: his videos have racked up some 174 million views.

His latest endeavor, "Progressive Christmas Carols," is already a viral sensation, racking up over 900,000 views in just six days. In it, a digitally created quartet manages to skewer just about every single politically correct progressive cliché of the last 10 years, while still keeping it fresh, lively, and destined to offend any and everyone who commits the unforgivable sin of taking themselves too seriously. 


For more from Jon Cozart/Paint, head on over to his Facebook page and YouTube Channel. Tell him A+ sent you.

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