Police Officers Answer A 911 Call At A Post Office And Pick Up An Unexpected Bundle of Joy

It was an extra special delivery.


Two San Diego police officers, Matt Enderlin and Eric Hustad, picked up much more than a package at their local post office on the early morning of Thursday, February 2. A couple, Vanessa Prado and Dennis Dillard, had pulled over in the post office parking lot unexpectedly when Prado went into labor three weeks before her due date and immediately called 911 for assistance. 

Responding to the call, the officers helped deliver a six-pound baby boy, Pierce Dillard, and even accompanied the family to the hospital. "I don't know what would've happened without the officers' help. They're amazing," Dillard told ABC News. "Matt even drove my car to the hospital so that I could ride [with the] paramedics, Vanessa and my new son." In honor of Matt and Eric, the couple combined their names into Pierce's middle name, "Merick."

While some may think Enderlin and Hustad went above and beyond the call of duty, the dynamic duo simply considered it another requirement of the job. Even so, Enderlin told the agency, "In the eight years that we've been partners this was one of the most memorable ... We're just happy that there were no complications. It was definitely a satisfying experience."

The San Diego Police Department posted a picture of the officers and second-time parents to its official Facebook page, where it has since been liked more than 2,000 times. 

"When you do this job, you have to be ready for anything, even delivering a baby!" the post read. "Great job Officers Enderlin & Hustad and Mom on bringing this beautiful baby into the world at the Mira Mesa Post Office no less. Guess mail's not the only thing getting delivered today..." That's for sure. 

(H/T: ABC News)


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