Police Officer Stops To Help A Homeless Man Shave Before A Job Interview

"If he wants to help himself, I need to be more than helpful to try and help him out."

A man named Phil was told that if he shaved his beard, he'd be offered a job at a McDonald's. For some, this might seem like a simple request, but for Phil – who was experiencing homelessness and only had a second-hand razor missing a screw — it presented some challenges. 

He was reportedly attempting to shave outside a gas station when Police Officer Tony Carlson from the City of Tallahassee Police Department saw that he was having some trouble. Carlson explained that he couldn't get a screw for the razor, but tried to tighten it as best as he could.

Phil was still struggling to use the razor because he didn't have a mirror, so Officer Carlson assisted him.

The kind-hearted gesture was captured on film at the gas station, and the footage, which was uploaded to Facebook, has since caught many people's attention.

After the video of Officer Carlson started to go viral, the City of Tallahassee Police Department posted a video on Facebook of Carlson recounting the event.

Officer Carlson explained that Phil wanted to shave his beard because if he showed up freshly shaven, McDonald's was reportedly going to offer him a job.

"If he wants to help himself, I need to be more than helpful to try and help him out," Officer Carlson explained. Carlson says he wished that there was more he could have done for Phil, but there were other service calls to handle. He's hopeful Phil will get the job and if he doesn't, he hopes he will get one somewhere else.

Furthermore, Officer Carlson hopes people who see the video  are inspired to do their own small acts of kindness. "This isn't something that I did that's spectacular," he stated. "It happens all of the time. It just so happened that this time someone caught it on film."

"I like to think of us more as peace officers first and law officers second."

Greg Tish of "The Greg Tish Show" in Tallahassee, Fla. was able to talk to Phil about the experience and posted a video online. Phil revealed that the McDonald's regional and district manager stated there were 500 spots available for people to work and if he shaved his beard they would "put him to work." 

He still needs to get his social insurance number and paperwork and speak to the staff, but Phil says he's going to get it done at the homeless shelter and that he's on his way.

He proclaimed, "I'm going to do it."

(H/T: CNN)

Cover image via  Bennian I Shutterstock


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