These Officers Were Called To Break Up A Slip 'N Slide Party, But Ended Up Joining It Instead

"I'm not here to break up your fun."

Neighbors enjoying a block party in Asheville, N.C., over Fourth of July weekend received quite a surprise when police officers responding to a complaint about their Slip 'N Slide ended up joining in on the fun.

According to CNN, a neighborhood dad had set up the homemade water slide for the kids, but at some point a neighbor called the police to complain that it was blocking the road. However, the officers who responded to the call — Carrie Lee and Joe Jones — soon decided it wasn't a problem.

"We looked at it and determined it wasn't really an issue," Officer Lee said in an interview shared on the Asheville Police Department's Twitter account. "So the first thing I said, I said I'm not here to break up your fun."

In fact, they did the opposite of breaking it up — they asked to have a go.

Officer Lee sat in a trash bag as she slid down the hill, while Officer Jones joined one of the kids in an inflatable raft. "My butt is wet," he said when he reaches the end of the slide, as seen in a video posted on Facebook by one of the residents. 

"They had such good energy. All the kids were loving it," resident Travis Eagledove told ABC News about the fun moment.

"When the female officer asked for a garbage bag, we almost didn't believe it. But she took off her radio and went for it!" another neighbor named Katlen Joyce Smith told the network. "They told us to have a great day, posed for some pictures and thanked us for the fun!"

Officer Jones was also apparently the only person to make it all the way from the top of the slide to the bottom.

It was a truly smile-inducing moment of connection between law enforcement and citizens they serve. The online response was a positive one, with one Facebook user noting, "Hats off to these two. The kids will always remember the day they went slip sliding with the cops."

"So glad to see your community, and your local police interact in such a positive way," another user wrote. "Small acts can cause long term positive feelings on all sides."

Cover image via Facebook


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