These Traffic Stops Brought Drivers To Tears, But Not For The Reason You're Thinking

The world needs more of this right now.

This holiday season, a Kansas City, Missouri sheriff's department got a very special mission that might just rival that of Santa Claus. 

Known to the community as "Secret Santa," a man CBS Evening News says is a wealthy businessman gives away hundred dollar bills to those in need every year. This season, he recruited the local police officers to give away the money instead. 

CBS reports that the officers targeted people driving dented or old vehicles or those that appeared to need a helping hand. But the reason why the Secret Santa had officers do his bidding this year is the real gift.

After the grand juries in Ferguson and New York City announced there would be no indictment against the officers who killed two unarmed black men, the divide between law enforcement and the citizens who don't feel protected by them widened. Secret Santa hopes that having the officers help out in this way will foster a better relationship of trust between them.

"As tough as they are, they have hearts bigger than the world," he told the station. 

Head over to CBS Evening News' Facebook page or watch the clip below for the full story.


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