In Just A Few Minutes, These Sultry Women Will Shatter Your Stereotypes Towards Pole Dancing

"Because it healed what they tried to break."

This is Nikita. She's a professional mind and body wellness specialist who practices meditation as well.


In her free time, Nikita also enjoys pole dancing.

Just like a bunch of other gorgeous, powerful women do.

To celebrate feminine beauty and shatter negative preconceptions about pole dancing, a group of young women created this short film titled "Why I Dance." 

The film features 10 amateur pole dancers of different ages and sizes taking part in an intimate performance and sharing what got them into pole dancing in the first place. 

According to the producers, their film is "about women who come together to reclaim their bodies and themselves." 

So take a look at these foxy ladies shaking and breaking society's stereotypes with their awesome routine.

Because pole dancing is considered by some to be lowbrow, the film's creative team wanted to shine a new light on it. They want people to see it as a means to embrace one's sexuality, practice self-love and expression.

"We, as women, are discouraged so often from being comfortable with ourselves. Loving yourself and being cool with yourself, that's how it should be. This shouldn't be a shocking thing. This should be the norm," Julia Roth, one of the producers, told BuzzFeed.

To know more about the "Why I Dance" film, please visit their Facebook page and check out their Instagram for some juicy behind-the-scenes shots.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

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