Pokémon Go-Inspired Bento Lunchbox Features Our Favorite Characters Rolled From Rice

And you can make it, too.

The Pokémon Go sensation has become a lot of things for a lot of people: for one mother, it's helped her child with autism; for another woman, the game led her to Trevor Noah

Now, one YouTuber's using the characters as creative inspiration for food. 

In a video uploaded to Ochikeron's channel, the blogger and chef takes ingredients such as rice, seaweed sheets, and cheese to create colorful characters like Pikachu, and fits them into one precious bento lunchbox.

Ochikeron thinks "this is the bento lunch box you want to take with you when catching Pokémon outside," and we'd add that it's the perfect way for parents to incorporate new foods into their children's lives with a fun pop culture twist. 


For the full recipe and tutorial, check out the video below:

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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