Couples Are Using #PoCInLove To Give Representation To The Boundless And Diverse Nature Of Love

Love is for all.

Love is so beautiful because it is boundless. It can transcend gender, class, religion, ethnicities, and different upbringings. So why is it that we normally only see heterosexual couples of the same race conveyed in mainstream media? 

To give attention to people of color (PoC) in all types of relationships relationships (polyamorous, LGBTQ+, and more), who are often underrepresented, Twitter user @BeautyinColor encouraged people to celebrate their love by using the #PoCInLove hashtag last year. The hashtag was so successful, it was revived this month. 


Beauty in Color originally tweeted about resurrecting the #POCInLove color on Feb. 8, calling on people to use the hashtag on the 18th. It has steadily gained more and more traction ever since,

The manager of the @BeautyInColor Twitter account told BuzzFeed that they originally created the tag because they did not see many diverse relationships depicted in stories. "There's not many stories out there about couples who are Arab and black or Filipino and Mexican or just black and black or Asian couples," they told the publication. "There's really nothing about poly and LGBTQ+ couples that are people of color either."

To rectify this, @BeautyInColor decided to create their own representation through starting the Twitter page. 

Scroll down to see more examples of people celebrating their love with the #PoCInLove hashtag:


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