These Curvy Women Fight Stigmas By Showing Yoga Can Be For Everybody And Every Body

Embrace your body.

"People assume that because I'm curvy and a size, you know, 14, 16, that I don't work out and I just eat potato chips all day long," one woman says at the start of a video for BuzzFeed.

In the video, she and three other plus-size female participants show that despite any misconceptions people may have about what kind of person does yoga, anybody at any size can practice — and do it well. 

To prove it, they meet with Valerie Sagun, a yoga instructor who believes that "to fight the stigma, of bigger bodies doing anything, is pretty much just representation and visibility." Sagun also emphasizes the fact that her body doesn't have to look like another person's just to be acceptable. 

At the end of the yoga lesson, the session seems to be a positive one for the women involved. Hopefully, those who watch the video will encourage those around them — of all shapes and sizes — to embrace their bodies, too. 

Check it out in full below:


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