If Rom-Com Movies Featured Underrepresented Women, They'd Look Like This

“We don’t have to be the best friend watching someone else fall in love.”

If you had to write a list of  every romantic-comedy ever made, you'd be writing forever, but if you had to make a list of the ones that starred a non-White, plus-size, and/or queer woman as the lead, you'd probably be stumped. In every and any genre, the female love interest is usually the same type of woman: thin, White (or fair skin), cisgender, and straight. 

Surely other women are also falling in love, no?

In an experiment to see what it would look like if some of our favorite rom-com classics featured underrepresented women, BuzzFeed's Boldy channel recreated iconic movie posters of films like The Notebook, Pretty Woman, and No Strings Attached


The women starring in the reimagined romance flicks fit the description of characters often depicted as the funny sidekick or the single BFF. "It's always frustrating to see yourself as like a supporting character," explained a participant named Sheridan who portrayed Julia Roberts'  Pretty Woman as a curvy Black woman. "Because then you grow up believing that you're not the lead in your own movie." 

"Being a plus-size woman, being a woman of color, being a queer woman, you ain't finding me nowhere; I'm a damn unicorn." said Jazzmyne who starred in a lesbian version of No Strings Attached. "We don't have to be the best friend watching someone else fall in love."

This lack of representation dehumanizes and others a wide range of people and contributes to the narrow standards of beauty. Maya, who recreated Jennifer Lopez's character Mary in The Wedding Planner, said that although she loved watching a fellow Latina on-screen she wishes there was more authentic representation of her culture. Kristen, who took on Kate Hudson's Andie Anderson in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, showed how plus-size women can also be sexy, and most of all, loved.  "Bigger people have romantic adventures too," she said. 

One of the sweetest moments in the video was The Notebook scene starring Kelsey and her boyfriend Russell. "I've never really seen a leading lady that was curvy and considered sexy and romantic," she said. She admitted that she was nervous trying to recreate a character famously played by Rachel McAdams but her boyfriend reassured her with, "you look fantastic, you're beautiful." 

(Romance IRL, you guys!)

Cover image via YouTube / Boldy


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