Women Of Different Sizes Share What Having A 'Perfect Body' Means To Them

"A perfect figure to me has nothing to do with one’s body type."

When you think of models featured in lingerie advertisements, you typically think of tall, beautiful woman with the "perfect figure" — which, by conventional standards, almost always means full bust, small waist, and long slender legs. Plus-size lingerie brand Parfait challenges that idea. Parfait is joining other lingerie brands such as AnaOno in the  body positive movement by creating lingerie for diverse body types. In Parfait's latest ad campaign, they redefine the "perfect figure"  with an empowering photo series featuring six women of all different shapes and sizes. 

In an official statement, the brand wrote, "When you think of the phrase 'perfect figure,' what comes to mind? Do you think of a specific body type or clothing size? Maybe your first thought is of someone you admire, a role model that you may or may not know personally. Or maybe you're not sure how to define it or what it means to you because you've never thought about it before."


“To us, a #PerfectFigure is about empowerment.”

On their Instagram, Parfait posts empowering photos promoting self-love and body positivity. In one post the brand shuts down the common misconception about weight defining someone's health. "Meet our Perfect Figure partners, Candice and Gloria," the brand captions a photo of two women of different sizes — one plus size and the other slim. "Both are models, only hit the gym when they have time and neither one eats meat. Same lifestyle. Different bodies. Don't assume a woman's lifestyle based on her body."

The empowering photo series features the women explaining their body identity in their own words. Read on for a dose of inspiration.

"Having a perfect figure means being fully aware of and accepting of yourself. When you know who you are no one can say anything to discourage you from trying new things, going to the beach or just being you!"

- Candice Kelly

"To be a perfect figure means to love yourself for who you are, embrace every little thing about yourself, and to be happy to be you. Just being a part of this campaign, I feel like I'm making a difference. It's an honor to get the word out there and show people that no matter what you look like or how were born, you should always embrace it!"

 – Kelsey Rose

"A perfect figure to me has nothing to do with one's body type. Being a perfect figure means loving yourself just as you are, seeing yourself as "perfect" despite what "flaws" one may have according to society. Being a perfect figure in this campaign means sharing your self love with the world, inspiring others to love themselves unconditionally too." 

-Amy Stretten

"To me, having a "perfect figure" means just being comfortable, 100% comfortable. Doing whatever it is you like, whoever it is you are. If there are things you want to improve on, do it. But not to be anyone else's type of perfect. You only need to be the type of perfect that YOU are happy with and want to be!"

-Tanesha Brown

"Having a "perfect figure" means eating what you want, being healthy, and being strong. No matter your size, body type or ability, everyone has their own perfect figure."

-Gloria Mamurov

"Originally from Coatesville, PA, I was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida. I loved fashion and beauty growing up but I didn't see anyone with a disability in TV & magazines that I could look up to. So, I decided to become my own hero! [...] As long as you fully accept and love the skin you're in, you will ALWAYS be YOUR Perfect Figure."

-Tatiana A. Lee

See the full series here

Along with the campaign, Parfait is hosting a sweepstakes, inviting other women to share their "imperfections" on social media using the hashtag #PerfectFigure for a chance to win a trip to TheCurvyCon in New York City.

(H/T: PopSugar)


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