New Survey Shows 80 Percent Of Millennials Have Experienced Ghosting

We feel your pain :/

If you have ever been ghosted on, cheer up.


Ghosting is when you find yourself talking to someone and all of the sudden they stop responding. This most commonly occurs with someone you are dating or, well, were dating. 

But if this has happened to you, don't feel bad. According to a new survey conducted by online dating service PlentyOfFish (POF), nearly 80 percent of millennials have experienced being ghosted on. 

The survey by POF polled 800 people between the ages of 18 and 33 from the U.S. and Canada.

POF offers a few reasons people may be ghosting more these days. Dating apps extend our social circles, making it less likely for us to run into people we ghost on who would hold us accountable. These dating apps also make us feel like we have too many options at our literal fingertips. 

According to Mashable, one anonymous dater said they ghosted on someone because of "the fear of missing out on ... the person that is coming next."

Unfortunately, ghosting has more or less become part of the new age of dating and breaking up.

Though we can find some solace in the fact that it is happening to a lot of people, it can still be very hurtful. 

According to this anonymous submission to The New York Timesone person from New York City was ghosted on Valentine's Day. "It was extremely hurtful and dishonest of him," they write. "It was worse than a death as I knew he still was around and all of this was his fault for not having the courage to break up in person."

Another anonymous person from New Jersey wrote that one guy ghosted them because he felt the relationship was coming to an end and they "had planned on ending the relationship anyway." 

Just because ghosting has become more common doesn't make it OK.

POF offers a few alternatives on how to be mature and tell someone with words it's time to move on. For example, you can simply send a text nicely explaining it was nice to meet them, but you're just not feeling it. 

The site also says that even if you ghosted someone, but want to give it a shot again, you should feel free to drop them a message saying so. POF writes, "The best thing to do here is draft up a message ... admitting your cold feet the first time, but that you would love to get together for a coffee/drink on Saturday if he is interested!"

However, try to not to feel too bad if you get ghosted. Dating and life can sometimes really suck.

If a person ghosts on you, perhaps it's a blessing in disguise. Ghosting behavior is often a sign of immaturity, and who wants to deal with that anyway? 

Besides, all you need is a loyal companion — like one of these puppies — in your life first before trying to find a significant other. They will never ghost you, just a lot of kisses.


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