Mom Explains Why She's Teaching Her Kids Kindness After Las Vegas Shooting, And Encouraging Others To Do The Same

"The only thing we can do is try to do good."

Following the Las Vegas shooting, many parents are wondering how to talk to their kids about the tragic event. It's an important conversation to have with kids to help them process information and to make them better prepared for situations, should they ever arise.

Mom Whitney Fleming from Playdates on Fridays shared a Facebook post about how she is teaching her kids about shootings and gun violence following the attack in Las Vegas that claimed many innocent lives and injured hundreds more.


Fleming explains that she is going to go over with her kids what they should do if they ever encounter gunfire. The mama blogger writes, "I will explain to them when they should run, when they should hide, and when they should remain silent. I will prepare them for this world and pray they will never need to use the information."

What's more, she's also teaching them about kindness, and she is encouraging other parents to do the same.

She continues, "I will tell them to look for the helpers, because they are always there. I will hope they remember my tips to guide them to safety ..." 

"... And I will encourage them to be kind to everyone they meet, because you never know the heartache they are carrying."

The mom wishes that we could clearly see and know how to help those who are the most damaged inside before they unleash their pain onto others, but we lack that ability. Fleming states the only thing that we really can control is our behavior, the love we have for others, and the hope we can find in our hearts.

That's why she's encouraging people to try to do good after a senselessness act of violence rattles them to their core,

"Do something — anything — good today. Do it for someone you don't know. Do it for someone you dislike. Do it for someone because maybe, just maybe, it will stop them from hurting someone else," she writes.

Since the post was written on October 2, it has been shared more than 67,000 times and generated more than 2,000 comments discussing people coming together and keeping everyone safe.

(H/T: Popsugar)

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