It Looks Like A Normal Day At The Beach, But Then Something Spectacular Happens

We've never seen anything like it.

Winter is upon us. 

You are probably looking out your frosted windows, dreaming of warm places in distant lands. Well, stop your dreaming and take a gander at this scene from Playa Puerto Nuevo in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. 

The beach has a natural rock formation that creates something rather spectacular when the waves hit: 


Can you believe this is an actual place? 

The scene looks totally surreal as the waves crash against the rocks and create massive walls of water. The formation is known as La Peña among locals, and separates the calm pool from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean just behind. 

Though this video was posted in 2010, it's too impressive not to reshare in the dead of winter. So picture yourself in the middle of this pool, bathing in the warm sun, watching waterfalls move down the rocks, as a wild ocean rages on the other side. 

When will it be summer again? 

(H/T: Twisted Sifter)

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