This Mom's Food Art Helps Her Picky Toddler Get Excited About Eating

“My goal is to create artful dishes to help my finicky eater share the same meals as the rest of the family."

As many parents can attest to, getting kids to eat, and try new foods, can be a challenge. This can be especially frustrating for parents who have to make entirely separate meals for children who refuse to eat what the rest of the family is having. 

One mom experiencing this issue came up with a creative and fun solution to help her picky 2-year-old eater, Sam, take more interest in her food.  Mom Kim Anh Chang turns her daughter's meals into works of food art, decorated to look like princesses, animals, and beyond. Chang then showcases the meals on her Instagram account, "Plate Art For Kids."  

"I figured if I plate her dishes into something cute she will show more interest in eating it," Chang tells HuffPost. "My goal is to create artful dishes to help my finicky eater share the same meals as the rest of the family. I want her to grow up getting [used] to eating what everyone else is eating and not have to make a separate meal just for her."


Chang adds that the food plates are a collaborative process, too. Sam helps her mother pick out subjects, like her Lambie toy, and the two whip up their creations together. 

"Having her help me cook, and showing her to do these things herself, gives her a sense of accomplishment and I noticed she's wanting to eat more and more and looks forward to the time we can spend in the kitchen together," Chang tells HuffPost.

And on Facebook, Chang writes that she's passing down certain food traditions from her childhood, too.

"When I was a little girl, every time my mom made Banh Xeo I had this vision of a boat since its shape is so much like it. Well now is my chance to introduce this favorite dish of mine to my little girl, aka food model," she writes. 

Chang shares tutorials on her Instagram account, making it easy for other families to practice food art with their kids.

We love that Chang's work has the potential to inspire creativity and passion when it comes to food. You can check out more of her work below:


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