In One Day, This Company Turned 5 Tons Of Plastic Into 1,056 Gallons Of Fuel

Is this the future?

An energy investment company in Canada says it successfully converted five tons of plastic waste into over 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel and gasoline in a single day.

The Sparta Group, based in Whitby, Ontario, says it converted plastic waste like styrofoam and single-use bags into fuel through a process it calls Phoenix. Through pyrolysis, the plastics are heated up until they decompose, and valuable materials from the plastic can be converted into fuel. 


"Five tons of plastic can be converted into about 4,000 liters," John O'Bireck, the president of Sparta Group, told CBC. "And 4,000 liters can drive our whole fleet of 10 vehicles back and forth every day running 16 hours a dasy." 

4,000 liters is approximately 1,056 gallons. 

Shutterstock / ElenaImages

For O'Bireck, it's no longer hypothetical. He is already using the fuel produced from the plastic waste to power his fleet of trucks. Phoenix takes the plastic material, shreds them, heats them without oxygen, and creates gas from the plastic material, Then they distill that gas into a liquid.

"If you take plastic as it stands, it's going to go in the ground and it's going to sit there for a thousand years," O'Bireck told CBC. By adding this technology, we are converting it so that we give it one more chance to go back out."


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