Woman Heroically Ended An Anti-Abortion Protest By Doing This Funny Thing

She saved the day.

While most people choose a side on the funding of Planned Parenthood based on an opinion, it's extremely personal for Mary Numair. The 29-year-old copywriter from Portland, Oregon lacked health insurance a few years ago, and she turned to Planned Parenthood to treat her chronic yeast infections.

"Planned Parenthood is vital resource for so many people," Numair told Buzzfeed. "We have to look beyond the pro-life/pro-choice debate and recognize this organization is out there providing some of the most important care to our sensitive medical needs."

"They're also the ones who so graciously informed me, after I freaked out after losing my virginity, that I had a latex allergy and there was no reason to panic," she told Slate.

She recently spotted protestors outside her local Planned Parenthood office. One woman held an "abortion kills children" sign.


Tired of seeing these protestors criticize Planned Parenthood, Numair did something incredible.

Numair created her sign out of masking tape and a piece of cardboard from a dumpster. Her sign praised Planned Parenthood, and featured a charming drawing of a vagina with a smiling clitoris and a stick figure with pigtails and prominent breasts.

Numair approached the anti-Planned Parenthood protestors. She chanted “yeast infections” loudly.

"In my first 30 seconds of walking out there, I did get called a whore," Numair said to Slate. "One woman was shaking her head. I knelt down to her kid and said, 'Do you know about yeast infections?"

People watching Numair started to cheer for her, and a few cars honked their horns in support of her cause. As the protestors kept moving their kids away from her and huddling together, she moved closer to them and continued to yell her incredible chant. The protestors tried to counter with a prayer circle.

"This is when I really shined," said to Buzzfeed. "I have never made my voice louder."

She successfully drove the protestors away.

While those protestors will return to the Planned Parenthood office eventually, Numair said that she would wait for them, this time with a bigger sign.

"I did look at the preacher-pastor guy and said, 'See you next time!' and I intend on sticking to that," she said to Slate.

(H/T: Buzzfeed)


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