It Might Sound Weird, But Planned Parenthood Is Using French Fries To Teach Sexual Consent

It's easy as FRIES.

French fries — a comfort food loved by a majority of Americans — are now helping spread awareness about sexual consent.

Planned Parenthood just unveiled a new campaign to drive home the importance of always asking for consent before every sexual encounter.

"Understanding consent is as easy as FRIES," Planned Parenthood wrote on Facebook.

In this example, FRIES is an acronym that stands for Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic and Specific. Planned Parenthood went even further on Tumblr by explaining the meaning behind each letter.

While this acronym might seem a little silly, it's hardly the first time someone used food or a drink to describe sexual consent. As of Friday, Planned Parenthood's Facebook post about FRIES has received over 4,800 likes.


With one out of five women reporting that they have been sexually assaulted in college, there is a growing urgency to make sure all students know how consent works. A 2015 survey from Planned Parenthood discovered that only 14 percent of middle school students have been taught how to ask for consent.

Adding consent-based curricula into sex education nationwide might pose a challenge because only 24 states legally require any sex education in schools.

Recently, California became the first state to teach consent in all public high schools, paving the way for other states to join them in the quest to end sexual assaults.



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