Chilling Video Shows The Violence That 337,000 School Girls Experience Every Day — In 'Real' Time

Seeing is believing — believing leads to change.

The saying goes "out of sight, out of mind," but just because people refuse to acknowledge something doesn't mean that something isn't happening. Take the ongoing issue of violence against girls for example: every day, 337,000 girls go to school to learn, but end up raped, assaulted or beaten instead and many drop out because of it.

It's an unpleasant fact that many don't know about, but need to, so human rights group Plan International Norway decided to bring the issue of school-based violence against girls from "out of sight, out of mind" to the forefront. 

The campaign called My Law kicked off with a video that features real documented photos and videos showing the violence committed against girls in their place of supposed learning in a powerful way.

The video presents the clips (with permission from the girls in them) as if they're happening in real-time and being live-streamed. 

The video presents the harassment and abuses girls are exposed to as if they're happening in real-time and live-streamed through a surveillance camera lense. Though the photos and videos are reenactments with stand-ins aware of the campaign objective, they represent the struggles girls in real-life face everyday,.


"This is done to bring reality closer to home and to communicate a hidden reality to reach a broad audience," Plan International Norway explained in an email.

The My Law campaign falls under the organization's ongoing Because I am a Girl initiative. According to its website:

"By adopting My Law you say no to violence against girls in school and commit yourself to defend girls' rights. You also support a call for all countries to enforce laws prohibiting violence in schools."

The hope is to gain support to help end violence against girls in school from as many people as possible leading up to the UN's International Day of the Girl on Oct. 11. 

Plan is known for "shocking" the public into action as shown by last year's #StopTheWedding campaign, which aimed to raise awareness for child marriage. 

They created a "posed" wedding of a child bride to a man three times her age and had a fake blog of her feelings leading up to the nuptials. Their campaign went viral, reaching more than 1 billion people and, per Plan, became a driver behind the African Union making child marriage awareness a main priority.

The goal of My Law is similar. 

"With this year's girl campaign we want people to open their eyes and see the scope and brutality of the abuse of girls in school," it wrote on its website. "We want people to react and see the urgent need to ensure that all girls have a safe learning environment."

Watch the full video below:

To donate or help to make education safer for girls, visit the My Law website. 


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