The Places Single 20-Somethings Are Going On Dates Aren't What You'd Expect

Not quite what we expected.

If you thought online dating had phased out traditional face-to-face dates, think again. 

According to data collected by dating app Clover, single 20- and 30-somethings still go out on dates, but the places aren't where you'd expect. With millennial food staples like Starbucks and Chipotle becoming more popular than your run-of-the-mill restaurants, "wining and dining" may turn into "latte-sipping and burrito-eating."

The infographic below shows the top 30 places that singles like to take their dates and though the places differ in quality, and by gender (turns out, the women surveyed prefer coffee over steak and potatoes), one thing stays somewhat the same: Everyone loves a good date at a well-known chain. 

Did any of your favorites make the list?


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