11 Things You Need To Own If Pizza Is Your One True Love

True love.

Pizza is probably the pinnacle of human ingenuity, and that's not at all a bad thing. It's there for us when we need it, uniting three of our favorite things: carbs, cheese, and illusion of vegetables. Pizza is probably what would happen if someone flattened heaven, and it deserves to be appropriately venerated. We wish we could honor pizza by eating it for every meal, and then probably inventing a couple new meals throughout the day to really drive home that gratitude, but our life coach Cookie Monster said we should eat produce once in a while. Fine.

There are other ways to show your appreciation without committing to full pizzatarianism, though. Check out these pizza-themed must-haves, so you can always carry around a symbol of your one true love.


1. Friendship necklace.

2. Pepperoni sweatshirt.

3. Love triangle.

4. World's greatest swimsuit.

5. The warmest socks.

6. For the best friend.

7. The most inviting sleeping bag.

8. Pepperoni phone case.

9. Cookie cutter to remind you who real bae is.

10. For the one whose presence feels like pizza.

11. When you're ready to make it official.


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