'Pizza Hunt' Photo Series Shows What Happens When A Pizza Hut Gets Abandoned

So nostalgic.

Growing up, you've probably had an experience or two meeting up with friends at the local Pizza Hut. The chain has been a staple in most communities around America, and the Pizza Hut building design has become iconic. 

But what happens when a Pizza Hut closes down? While the business may leave, oftentimes the actual structure remains and is turned into something new, like a grocery store, pawnshop, gospel church, liquor store or even a funeral home. 

Photographer Ho Hai Tran and art director/editor Chloe Cahill have worked for nearly two years on a project called Pizza Hunt, photographing these "reborn" Pizza Huts in an effort to capture the nostalgia "inspired by the huts themselves, and the memories they evoke," says Cahill in an email to A Plus.  

The artist duo have also begun a Kickstarter campaign to fund a book showcasing  their photo series that documents the various Pizza Huts. On the Kickstarter page, they write: "As kids growing up in New Zealand and Australia during the '90s, the local Pizza Hut was a place of wonder. A world of red checked tablecloths, pizza by the slice and an endless supply of soft serve. In looking at these buildings we found a direct connection to our childhoods, and it seems lots of others have the same experience too..." 

Now, take a look at what has become of some of those Pizza Huts from your childhood. 


1. The Great Wall, Glendale Heights, IL, USA

2. Vacant, West Palm Beach, FL, USA

3. Seoul Hoikwan Restaurant, Belfield, NSW, Australia

4. Olsens Funerals, Revesby, New South Wales, Australia

5. Church of Our Savior, Boynton Beach, FL, USA

6. Copycat, California, PA, USA

7. Los Burritos Mexicanos, St. Charles, IL, USA

(H/T: Mashable

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