When You Find Out Why This Man's Pizza Shop Is Filled With Post-Its You'll Want To Go There

Paying it forward, one slice at a time.

"I think it's pretty cool how powerful something this small and simple can be," says Rosa's Fresh Pizza shop owner Mason Wartman.


In Upworthy's latest video, "Humanity FTW: The Pizza Shop That Pays It Forward" Wartman explains how his one simple, "pretty cool" gesture works: Customers at Wartman's pizza shop can pre-purchase a slice of pizza, for $1, knowing it will go to a homeless person visiting Rosa's.

By doing this, the community is helping to relieve some of the hunger homeless people in Philadelphia face.

This is important, given that the poverty statistics for Philadelphia are staggering.

Philadelphia has the worst poverty rate in the U.S. (and it's growing), according to Upworthy

Customers pay for a $1 slice ahead of time, and leave a Post-it on the pizza shop's wall. Then, homeless people can redeem the Post-its for a warm slice.

Now, Wartman is surrounded by Post-its, and the shop has given away almost 10,000 slices.

"I feel welcome, I feel like, you know, like I almost bought the slice, but I know I didn't," says one man in Upworthy's video.

"I've been three years off the streets. I was seven years homeless myself as a veteran and I finally got myself out of the rut, got myself an income and now I want to pay it forward."

"We don't always have a chance to come in and get fresh, hot food whenever we can. And for people to donate money towards slices of pizza for us really made a change in Philadelphia."

What's happening here is truly beautiful, inspiring, and heartwarming. Check out the full video below.

(H/T: Upworthy)

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