Cleverly Choreographed Dance From The Future Will Blow Your Mind Away

It's raining lights!

Have you ever wondered what dance will look like in the future? Chances are, this is pretty close.

Watch the video above to see "Pixel," a stunning performance via French choreographer Mourad Merzouki and digital art specialists Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne. 11 dancers carry out their routine in a "virtual and living visual environment" that cleverly interacts with their moves.

The dance is perfection. While watching, the viewer is tempted to wonder if the light projections might just be alive. Fluidly mimicking the moves of dancers, they are an integral part of the piece.

We're so glad that, thanks to Merzouki, Mondot and Bardainne, we have this glimpse into the year 2070. We can't stop looking. Can you? 

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