Is Pixar's First Lesbian Couple In 'Finding Dory'? People Sure Think So.

The scene is short, but — if true — very sweet indeed.

The hype surrounding Finding Dory was turned up a notch on Tuesday when Pixar released its full-length trailer. But observant viewers took note of a detail that could mean a significant first in any Pixar film. 

The trailer briefly shows a couple picking up a toy to hand it back to a baby in a stroller — except this baby turns out to be a pink octopus named Hank — and many have surmised that the couple is lesbian. 


Specifically, Pixar's first lesbian couple.


Though nobody knows for sure if the women actually are a same-sex couple, people were onboard with the idea that they could be. 

There have been growing calls for film studios to depict more same-sex couples in movies — especially ones catered to children. Most recently there was a social media-led push for Frozen character Elsa to be in a same-sex relationship, later followed by pleas for a boyfriend for Captain America

It's clear that the demand for more diverse, non-heterosexual onscreen romantic relationships exist. Two years ago, when Disney debuted its first openly gay couple in Good Luck Charlie, it predictably riled up some conservatives. Public opinion on this issue has changed drastically over the past few years, and the legalization of gay marriage has helped propel the normalization of same-sex relationships, but it was a bold move that ultimately helped fill one of the many spaces in Hollywood that lack stories depicting the world as it is.

If recent data indicating the profitability in Hollywood executives heeding calls for increased diversity is anything to go by, Pixar could do well to verify that yes, that is its first lesbian couple in a Pixar film in Finding Dory — with (hopefully) many more to come. 


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