'Pitch Perfect 3' Is Officially In Development And We Can Tell It's Gonna Be Aca-mazing

Get ready, pitches. 'Pitch Perfect' is now a trilogy.

Pitch Perfect 2 is still a contender at the box office (seriously, it's raked in over $250 million worldwide thus far since its May 15 release) and already the franchise has another success to brag about. It's been confirmed that Universal Pictures has given Pitch Perfect 3 the green light to begin pre-production. The studio has commissioned Kay Cannon, the screenwriter for the first two films, to start working on the next chapter in the lives of the Barden Bellas.

So far, we don't know who from the cast is returning, or if Elizabeth Banks will be back again to direct, but we're thrilled that this amazing franchise is getting another go-round. Not only is Pitch Perfect really, really funny, it's also a rarity for Hollywood: a major release with huge earnings, which also espouses a feminist message, is dominated by a largely female cast and features multiple women on its production staff. So Universal's decision to invest in a third installment is actually a pretty big deal.

But where can the Pitch Perfect story go from here? The Bellas are the reigning world champions of a cappella at the moment and most of the original members of the group graduated at the end of the second movie. It's possible that the third feature could focus on freshman Emily (played by Hailee Steinfeld) instead of the main protagonist of the first two movies, Beca (Anna Kendrick). But nothing's confirmed yet — Cannon hasn't even written the script! 

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