Ellen Challenges The 'Pitch Perfect 3' Cast To Heads Up! — With A Holiday Twist

We know what we're playing this Christmas.

Ellen DeGeneres and the cast of Pitch Perfect just gave us our new favorite way to play charades this holiday season. While promoting the upcoming third installment in the musical movie series on Ellen's Show Me More Show, stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, and Brittany Snow joined the host for a round of Heads Up!

The cast broke into teams of two to act out the clues for DeGeneres to guess. But this is Ellen, so obviously there was also a little seasonal twist thrown into the mix — in the form of tacky Christmas sweaters, which each pair had to share while they played.


Kendrick and Wilson showed off their best teamwork in a "HO HO HO" sweater, acting out everything from the "YMCA" to "horseback riding" — the latter of which required a bit of creativity. Camp and Snow, meanwhile, got to share the "SLEIGH ALL DAY" sweater, nailing everything from a "guitar solo" to "push-ups" — even though they weren't too excited about getting on the floor to demonstrate.

Either the cast's clues were especially good or DeGeneres is just really good at her own game because, to quote one of their sweaters, both teams totally "sleigh." We're just sad they couldn't sing all the clues.

See how it all turns out in the video below:


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