The 'Pitch Perfect 3' Cast Reads Each Other Aca-Flattering Comments In A Compliment Battle

"She's been flawless since she came out the womb."

If you've ever watched Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets segment and wished the comments were just a little bit nicer, then Teen Vogue's Compliment Battle is for you. We already loved watching the Star Wars cast shower each other with flattering words. This time, it was the Pitch Perfect 3 cast's turn.

Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Hana Mae Lee, Chrissie Fit, and Ester Dean came together to read positive internet comments about each other, and see who could go the longest without laughing. It turned out to be harder than you might think, as the commenters' passion and the cast members' dramatic readings were pretty giggle-worthy.


"ANNA CAMP IS AWESOME," Snow declares, making sure to clarify, "It's in all caps. It's being yelled."

"I feel it," Camp laughs. Later, she tells Snow she's "been flawless since she came out the womb," while Snow argues that her hair wasn't as good then.

For Lee, Fit, and Dean, the compliments involve everything from praising each other's eyeliner skills, to quoting McDonald's commercials, to calling each other vampires (in a good way). "Queen Dean rules microphones and thrones," Lee reads at one point. "The most powerful one in the game of chess you jokers will leave alone."

"That's a poem!" she says. "That's sweet."

Hear all the aca-awesome compliments in the video below:


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