He Went From College Mascot To Unlikely Hero In The Greatest Way

He saved a child.

Taylor Collins, a senior engineering student at Oklahoma State University, is normally on the football field every weekend sporting a cowboy outfit, a giant head and a large orange hat. That's because Collins is Pistol Pete, the OSU mascot.


This past weekend, the mascot transformed into a hero.

Collins completed his routine on a float at the OSU homecoming parade. He changed out of his Pistol Pete outfit and then joined his sister for a meal at a nearby restaurant while the parade continued.

A car crash suddenly occurred at the homecoming parade. Four people were killed and at least 49 were injured.

Collins heard the emergency vehicles. He ran to the parade to help.

"People were rushing around; a man came over to me and waved me down and said, 'We need a pickup truck to do transportation.' So my sister and I, we drove onto the scene. And that's where they put a little boy and his father in the backseat of my truck," Collins said to KFOR.

Collins immediately drove his pickup truck to the crash scene. He removed his Pistol Pete uniform from the back to make room for the injured people.

One of the victims was 12-year-old Alleyn Campbell. He sustained a broken leg, a concussion and a shoulder injury. Collins drove Campbell to nearby Stillwater Medical Center.

Thanks to Collins’s heroic actions, Campbell is happily recovering in the hospital.

"Makes me feel good, I appreciate that," Collins said to NBC DFW. "My sister and I, we happened to be in the right place. We were able to help out in a bad situation."

"Maybe he won't remember the tragedy of the scene," his mother Betty Collins said to NBC DFW about the boy that her son saved. "Maybe he'll just remember his new friend Taylor Collins that was Pistol Pete that drove him to the hospital."



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