Pilot's Viral Tweet Questions Why Some People Still Think Sexist Comments Are Acceptable

"It wasn't [until] later when a cabin crew member expressed her anger at the comment that it made me think. Why is this normal?"

Women who enter male-dominated industries know that, despite any and all efforts to shatter the proverbial glass ceiling, they are bound to encounter latent sexism along the way. After centuries of repression, some members of society still can't grasp the fact that women and men are equal (even if the wage gap says otherwise). But, for one pilot known only as "Charlotte" on Twitter, condescending and offensive remarks have become commonplace in her industry. In fact, it wasn't until her colleague expressed disgust that she realized this inherent sexism within male-dominated industries might be what's kept this industries "male" in the first place.


Charlotte notes that, while she wasn't offended personally, it saddens her to know that men still feel it's acceptable to make such comments. She also highlights that sexism's condescending nature might be one reason women and girls don't pursue careers within these fields, as they know they won't be taken seriously. As one Twitter user wrote in her reply to Charlotte's thread, women are simply expected to accept these comments instead of defending their right to be in positions of power.

Yet, despite the fact that it's only been about a month since Southwest captain and Navy veteran Tammie Jo Shults was praised for landing Flight 1380 safely after an engine blew mid-flight, it's clear that this backwards way of thinking has not relented.

Thankfully, however, there were numerous Twitter users who praised Charlotte and others like her for setting a great example for young girls who need role models in fields that are often devoid of such icons.

Although sexist comments might be difficult, and sometimes disheartening, for those women currently in positions of power, the next generation needs female leaders who are willing to persevere in the face of adversity and call out such sexism in order to pave the path to success for future generations. No, this sort of mentality should not be normalized, but it's part of our culture and we, those who oppose repression, must set the example by refusing to engage in petty comments and, instead, hold our heads high as we soar far beyond the expectations society has outlined.  

Cover image via Gratisography / Pexels


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