Pilot Cures His Boredom By Making A Beach Boys-Inspired Music Video And We Can't Stop Watching

"It never gets me down!"

Apparently, pilot Mike Wagner spends much of his time sitting around pilot's lounges, anxiously waiting to fly with his equally-bored crew.

Naturally, to pass the time, Wagner and his crew created a wildly entertaining music video featuring tours around their waiting rooms and plenty of lip syncing.

Shot mostly selfie-style, the video remixes The Beach Boys' "I Get Around" into an appropriately titled tune "I Sit Around." 

Lyrics include: "I'm getting bored sitting here in this same old seat / I'm gonna find a place to hang that's really sweet" and a catchy chorus much like the original.

But he'll have you know — all this sitting around never gets him down.


"Sometimes I'll just have a flight in the morning and there won't be a flight until later that night," Wagner explained to The Huffington Post. "You can't go to a hotel, so the only thing to do is sit and wait."

The video has already raked in over 100,000 views and we're sure it's not stopping there.

Perhaps the next time we're bored, we'll take a note from Wagner and just make the best of it.

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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