This Pill Could Change The Way Humans Have Sex

You can thank science

In 2012, 400 men who regularly have sex with men (MSM) were recruited for a study. 

These men were deemed as having a high risk of contracting HIV based on the following criteria: 

- They were sexually active 10 times a month on average. 

- They had sex with eight different partners over the course of two months.

The men were divided into two groups. One group was given a placebo and the others took a pill called Truvada.

According to Times Live, Truvada, which was developed by Gilead Sciences, contains HIV treatment drugs tenofovir and emtricitabine.

The men who were taking Truvada were instructed to take it two to 24 hours prior to intercourse and then twice after that (24 hours and 48 hours later).


This is how Truvada works:

In October 2014, the pill was found to reduce HIV risk by an average of 86%. That's a pretty high rate of effectiveness. reports that there are about 50,000 new HIV infections every year in the U.S. alone.  And this emotional open letter from an HIV-positive 22-year-old girl is proof that no one is untouchable.

This latest evidence is certainly a sign of exciting progress toward HIV prevention, but the condom is still everyone's best bet. So until doctors start saying it's all right to, ahem, ride your bike without a helmet…

Wrap it up. 

For a more in-depth look at PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), here's an educational video


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