This Pig Was Lucky To Be Saved From Slaughter. Now, She Creates Works Of Art As Pigcasso.

That's some pig.

One of today's brightest stars in the art world has a snout, weighs in at 450 pounds, and is prone to squeal and/or oink. We're talking about Pigcasso, a pig who lives in South Africa, whose talents with a paintbrush result in some impressive abstract creations.


Joanne Lefson, the Cape Town-based animal rights activist who rescued Pigcasso from the slaughter, spoke to 60 Second Docs about how the porker is the first non-human artist to host an exhibition, and there are plans that will take them to London and Berlin.

"Pigcasso's mission is to wake people up to what's going on," Lefson said. "She's doing complex paintings, exploring as a young, up-and-coming artist. She's got another six years to explode with colorful, expressionist artworks. She really is a queen diva around here."

According to Lefson, Pigcasso's artwork sells for thousands, and funds all of the food for the farm and pays the salaries of the workers. This talent would have been unrealized had Pigcasso been one of the millions of pigs that are slaughtered worldwide annually. This is troubling because experts say there are "very compelling reasons to regard pigs as intelligent, aware, emotionally and socially sophisticated beings."

"Behind every package of bacon is a pig that might have lived an amazing life," Lefson added.

Watch the full 60 Second Docs episode about Pigcasso here:


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