Artist Gives Cosmic Makeovers To Help Celebrate Black Women's Natural Hair

"Black queens all around the world who aren't afraid of rocking their natural hair."

Pierre Jean-Louis, a New Jersey-based artist, is on a mission to help celebrate the beauty of Black women's natural hair.

To do this, he has created Black Girl Magic an ongoing project where he uses photo manipulation to turn Black women's hair into gorgeous scenes of wild forests, cosmic galaxies, bouquets of flowers, etc.

But the series is about more than just beautiful images. It's also making an important statement about changing beauty standards that traditionally exclude textured hair from being considered beautiful. 


"The subject of hair is quite a heated one among Black females. It goes back to the premise of so-called good hair and bad hair," Jean-Louis told A Plus.

"So-called good hair in the Black community was/is defined as having straight, long, and 'manageable' hair whereas so-called bad hair was/is defined as having coarse, short, woolly/kinky/Afro/nappy, 'unmanageable' hair. Black women and Queens who possessed 'good' hair were/are considered to be more attractive than those who had 'bad' hair."

"Black Girl Magic refers to all Black queens," the artist further explained.

"Light skin, dark skin, brown skin with long curly hair, Afro, nappy, woolly, kinky hair who aren't afraid of showing their natural beauty. Black queens all around the world who aren't afraid of rocking their natural hair."

"The goal is to let them and the whole world know that Mother Nature is actually Black, and we wouldn't be here without her. I want every young Black queen to remember that."


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